Our telehealth platform connects you with renowned German medical doctors, in order for you to obtain a second opinion regarding your health concern. We are with you as you receive the best possible treatment plan, and we provide follow-up after you have been treated


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We round up the latest in medical advances and current breakthroughs in the treatment of serious health conditions to keep you up to date with all the current options for your treatment

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How it works

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Your Medical Records

Your Medical Records

Send Your Medical Records

Upload your medical data via our secure data transfer system. Our local tele-doctors will consider your health problem and prepare a detailed report. If necessary, they will then contact you


Get Second Opinion

Get Second Opinion

Get Second Opinion

Your German doctor will study your case carefully and analyse the submitted health data (reports, MRIs, CT Scans etc.) in order to provide you with a written second opinion


Your treatment process

Your treatment process

Your Treatment

If you receive your treatment in your home country, we will continue to support you via Telemedicine. If you wish to come to Germany, we will organize your trip and accompany you during your treatment


Your Follow-Up Care

Your Follow-Up Care

Follow-Up Care

Successful treatment requires careful planning and follow-up checks in order to monitor your health. We will provide you with follow-up care through our Telemedicine platform

Your Health Advisor in Germany

Connecting you with renowned German medical doctors

Constantly being at the cutting edge of medical care and safety, and maintaining a multidisciplinary approach alongside accessibility for everyone, makes Germany’s healthcare system a reliable service for patients of other nationalities. Delivering high quality medical care requires a consistent and cohesive team approach, something which is a key to success in the treatment of patients in Germany. German Health Advisors has established a network of both local and German doctors to make such an approach for patients of other nationalities possible. Our virtual network mimics the routine steps that a patient in Germany takes when seeking health care. This ensures an identical level of quality. Our main target is to produce a correct diagnosis and develop a careful roadmap for the treatment of all our patients, wherever the place of treatment may be. As Mahatma Gandhi once said: “A correct diagnosis is three-quarters of the remedy.” Our team of local and German doctors work together in order to produce a correct diagnosis and provide the best treatment plan for their patients.

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